In Memory of John Parr Snyder 
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 In Memory of John Parr Snyder

- Hi All,

I recently attended the Memorial Service for John P. Snyder who
passed away 28 April 1997. It was a very moving Society of
Friends ceremony where many of his friends and relatives stood
and gave testamonials about his impact on their lives.

I knew him for the last 3 years of his life. He taught me a
considerable amount about map projections and I was able to
reciprocate in kind by providing him with programming tips and
subroutines (he used Quick Basic).

I was particularly honored when he used my MWDB-POLY database to
produce map graphics for his book "MAP PROJECTIONS - A Reference

John was a good friend and I will miss him.

Information on his last work - Chinese Map projections.

At the time of John's death, The manuscript was complete through
Chapter 10. Yang Cheng is currently proofreading chapter 11 and
at John's request, Yang has added his latest projection to the

Dr. Waldo Tobler was asked to finish the book and has agreed.

I have already backed up a copy of the manuscript from John's
computer onto a zip disk for Dr. Tobler's use, however,
contract modifications with Taylor & Francis still need to be
done before the project can continue

Additional Info

John's Compuserve e-mail account has been discontinued.

A paperback version of "Flattening the Earth" is due out this
year. Looking over the list of corrections to be added to this
book, they deal with graphic captions, misspellings, and the
historical record. There are no corrections to projection

John had accumulated about 4 and a quarter pages of corrections
to his Bugayevskiy collaboration. There are 5 corrections to
math formulas, and the rest deal with the historical record. I
have no information, at this time, on plans for future editions.

If there are other news groups or list-servs that would benefit
from the information provided, feel free to pass it on.

- Paul

Public Domain Mapping Data & Graphics:
I contribute to the Map Projection Home Page:

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